For beginners i strongly recommend a cheaper marker like the Spyder Victor or Sonix or even the Tippman BT4,custom98,X7,A5. And for beginner don't buy some electronic gun buy a mechanical gun they don't shoot as fast but are cheaper and better for a beginner.But i strongly recommend the Spyder Sonix value pack.I have the Spyder Sonix value pack an I just got a 14 inch barrel for it i would recommend 12,14,16 inch for this marker.For your next marker if u like spyders i would grab the Spyder SLG 09.


For gear like pants jerseys etc. For your first couple of times just wear 1-2 shirts,jeans and a sweater. I also strongly recommend that you wear a jock and maybe even a neck guard.Then after a while u should grab the paintballing armor.


For mechanical guns that have a long trigger pullback you can't shoot that fast so you should just have a simple gravity fed hopper. but for a gun with short trigger pullback or an electric trigger I recommend a electric hopper. (A hopper is a loader)


For a forest i would make sure everyone is going somewhere some people will go left some right and 1 or 2 down the middle and some hang back for a bit and then when your ready go what ever way that has less people.For any type of map i recommend hanging back for a small amount of time.

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